Martin Hlosta part of the team to receive the best publicly available dataset in education for year 2023

The Educational Data Mining Society has announced that the Best Publicly Available Dataset for the year 2023 has been awarded to OULAD (Open University Learning Analytics dataset). Dr Martin Hlosta, a Senior Researcher at IFeL institute is a member of the awarded team, together with Prof Zdenek Zdrahal from the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics and Dr Jakub Kuzilek from Humboldt University Berlin.

In recent years, OULAD has been highlighted as a key dataset to study algorithmic fairness in educational settings, and it is expected that it will be used to test new research ideas in education! This unique dataset contains information about 22 courses, 32,593 students, combining in total 10,655,280 clicks in the VLE as well as demographic and quiz data.

Martin Hlosta commented: «We are very honoured to receive this award, supporting our mission to allow any researcher in Learning Analytics or Educational Data Mining to test innovative ideas, the robustness of existing ideas across other works and support reproducibility and comparability in the research.»

As of today, the dataset has 323 citations, with the 5 most cited papers already having more than 1000 citations themselves.

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