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1. UNESCO Chair on Personalized and Adaptive Distance Education

The FFHS has been conducting research into technology-based learning for close to 20 years and, along with the Institute for Research in Open-, Distance- and eLearning (IFeL), is part of a select national and international network of e-learning research institutions. In 2015, the institute’s research services were recognised with the setting up of a UNESCO Chair on Personalized and Adaptive Distance Education.

The UNESCO Chair carries out research into the effectiveness of adaptive learning processes and the didactic details involved. The technological possibilities for the implementation and integration conditions for the various course regulations and curriculums are also analysed.

There are two main focal points to the research: the first is the development of personalised and adaptive designs and instruction models to promote subject-specific knowledge/competence. The second is the development of innovative measurement methods for emotions relevant to learning so as to integrate these into adaptive learning systems in the form of sensors and intervene according to these emotions.

During the first four years, the Chair’s activities concentrate on partnerships in Europe and Africa. Cultural and economic differences, both at an organisational and regional level, serve as research catalysts. In this respect, the Chair will involve the establishment and continued development of an international competence pool in the field of technology-based, personalised and adaptive learning.

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