Blended Learning: The FFHS Mode of Study

A meaningful combination of online studying and face-to-face instruction, so-called «blended learning», enables a largely self-determined learning experience independent of place and time. As a student you learn in the way that best suits your personal life situation. A structured learning plan leads you to your learning goals and facilitates your personal time management.

Our courses of study are aimed at professionals who would like to train and further their skills in addition to their commitments, be it professional, family-related or due to their schedules as professional athletes.

  • For professionals
  • For fathers and mothers
  • For competitive athletes

Self-study 80%

The FFHS provides you with all relevant teaching materials and the log-in details for the online learning platform before the start of the semester. In accordance with the given learning plan, you can then work out the milestones independently. During the self-study period, you remain virtually connected with lecturers and fellow students via the learning platform. Various forms of e-learning technologies such as online tests, forums or the use of multimedia make it easier for you to work efficiently until your next meeting with the class.

Classroom training 20%

Every two weeks on Saturday* you meet with your class for face-to-face lessons. These lessions take place at the FFHS campus of your choice - Zurich-Regensdorf, Bern, Basel or Brig. In small learning groups, the knowledge and skills acquired in self-study are deepened and put into practice under the guidance of the lecturers. You solve practice-oriented case studies together, clarify your open questions and benefit from the exchange of experience with fellow students and lecturers from a wide variety of industries.


Our students combine their careers and studies to achieve a particularly good transfer between theory and practice. At the FFHS you can benefit from a valuable exchange of experience with lecturers and fellow students from a wide variety of industries.

*Time models may vary.