As an affiliated school of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland(Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana, SUPSI), FFHS wants to be a reference point for professional education and applied research, which is open for regional co-operations and integrated in the scientific and academic community at a national and international level. To achieve these goals, FFHS has set up a quality assurance system in close cooperation with SUPSI, its institutional strategy and its values.

Quality assurance

Quality at FFHS and SUPSI means providing a working and studying environment that guarantees quality throughout the entire school– particularly within the framework of the institutional mandate in the areas of teaching, research & development and service performance. To implement these concepts in practice, SUPSI has set up a customised quality assurance system (QAS) that is closely linked to the four-year strategy and its institutional values.  This system takes into consideration the specific characteristics of both the school itself and its affiliates.

The SUPSI quality assurance system is composed of:

  • The quality policy and strategy (QPS), which describes the fundamental principles of quality development and control within SUPSI.
  • The quality assurance framework (QAF), which defines the structure and organisation of the quality assurance system within the quality policy and strategy.
  • The quality handbook (QH), which covers priority key processes. The QH represents the operational implementation of the SUPSI quality assurance system within FFHS. FFHS plans to create its own QH to reflect the specific features of the university.