E-learning services for companies and institutions

The FFHS is happy to support you in developing or optimizing your organization’s e-learning. 

Switzerland's leading e-university, the FFHS, offers your organization customized support in the form of consultations, assessment and improvement of existing solutions, workshops, and the creation of concepts, learning environments, courses and media.

The core competence of the FFHS is e-learning in the broader sense, i.e., digital learning, be it blended learning or online learning. We accompany you in designing your e-learning program:

  • creating the learning environment
  • designing and realizing the courses and learning conten
  • teaching the classes
  • designing the exams
  • evaluating training courses, courses and degree programs.

As far as learning management systems are concerned, we are most familiar with Moodle, but can also advise you regarding other LMS. As web conferencing solution for teaching and exams, we use MS Teams in combination with Moodle. 

Please contact Dr. Susanne Schulmeister to discuss how we can help you.