In-house training of young IT talents

The practice-integrated bachelor's degree in computer science (PiBS) is a training course at your company that is combined with a computer science degree at the FFHS. You will employ students as your workforce and benefit from the current know-how that flows back from your employee's studies into everyday life.

Attract skilled workers!

Are you looking for talented graduates who are equally familiar with practice and theory - and who also know how to apply this to your company in an industry-specific way? PiBS enables you as a cooperation partner with FFHS to train the employees of tomorrow!

The FFHS was the first university of applied sciences in Switzerland to launch the practice-integrated bachelor's programme (PiBS) in 2015. The innovative study model is aimed at high school graduates (gymnasiale Maturität) who would like to enter the world of work and gain practical experience while at the same time aiming for a university degree. PiBS enables a seamless combination of theory and practical application.

Train MINT-focused young workers!

The worsening shortage of skilled workers in the MINT sector (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, technology) presents the economy with major challenges. In the ICT sector in particular, highly qualified graduates will be urgently needed in the future. The integrated combination of theory and practice makes particular sense for the more technical-abstract subject of computer science, as it increases the attractiveness of IT studies, not least for women. PiBS thus hits the nerve of time.


The PiBS is based on the cooperation of three partners:

  • Students
  • Company and
  • FFHS as a university

The PiBS students sign a study training contract with their company and are employed in the relevant fields of activity of the company. On two to three days a week, they complete the regular Bachelor's programme at the FFHS (Berne and Zurich/Regensdorf). The weekly change from company to university guarantees the best possible integration into professional life and efficient deployment in the day-to-day work of the company. In eight semesters, the course leads to the federally protected and internationally recognised Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science.

Your company provides a workplace, ensures that PiBS students have a wide range of tasks and guarantees professional and personal support within the company.

Manpower and innovation magnet!

  • The FFHS is responsible for the scientific-theoretical part of the programme in accordance with the accredited curriculum. Enrolment at the FFHS also obliges students to adhere to the FFHS study and examination regulations.
  • The company is responsible for the practical part of the studies and supervises the students during their practical training. Students are bound to the company's working conditions by their employment contract. As a company, you also have the opportunity to send experienced experts and employees to the FFHS as lecturers and guest speakers and thus contribute to the topicality of the teaching.

Will to develop!

  • You provide the student with a workplace and guarantee professional and personal support in the company.
  • You provide a wide range of opportunities for employment and a wide spectrum of tasks.
  • Ideally, you will offer the students a permanent position on probation.

Custom-IT junior staff!

  • Tailor-made specialists: You recruit young talents and train them to meet your own requirements.
  • Targeted practical transfer: The close coordination of the course content with the practical assignments results in a targeted mutual transfer between teaching and practice. This promotes above-average student competence. Read more
  • Binding to the company: You promote young professionals and bind them to your company at an early stage.
  • Diverse competence profile: In addition to specialist and methodological knowledge, students receive a high degree of action and social competence.
  • Efficiency: Instead of the time-consuming induction of university graduates or trainees, you train employees with practical experience, to whom you provide the relevant company- and industry-specific know-how during your studies.