Research at the Department of Health

The Department of Health conducts application-oriented research and development in the field of health promotion and provides services and does consulting work.

The overarching issues addressed are the use of digitisation to promote health literacy and related ethical aspects, particularly with regard to vulnerable groups such as young women, children and migrants, and the frequently discussed issues of data sovereignty. In addition, various methods and approaches are being tested and further developed, e.g. bioavailability, web-based tools or big data approaches.

Research Field Nutrition

In the field of nutrition, application-oriented research is carried out with the predominant aim of developing approaches that contribute to preventing and counteracting forms of malnutrition.

Thematic area physical activity

The Department of Health examines economic and policy-related approaches to health promotion in the field of "Physical Activity".


Below you will find a selection of publications of the Department of Health.


We would like to introduce you to our research team with the focus on "Nutrition" and "Exercise".