Student Advisory Service

The Student Advisory Service offers those who are interested in studying, students and graduates a variety of information and advisory services - free of charge and without obligation.

We are happy to inform and advise you about the FFHS, the study model, individual study programmes and your personal options (choice of study, admission and credit clarifications, entry options, etc.). Depending on where you are in your decision-making process or what your main concern is, we recommend one of the following offers.

Info Events

Would you like to get to know the FFHS, how our blended learning works and inform yourself about a specific study programme? At our course-specific group events, you will also benefit from asking questions and exchanging ideas with other participants. We look forward to seeing you at our information events.

Ein Dozent bespricht mit seiner Studentin den neuesten Stand der Web-Technologien.

Personal Consultation

Would you like to clarify your options individually and need support in making a decision? We would be happy to advise you personally. Book your individual appointment today. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Zwei Studierende besprechen das Potenzial moderner Industrie-Technologien.

Mail Consultation

Do you have specific questions and would like to clarify them directly? You are welcome to send us an e-mail enquiry at any time.

Demo Moodle

Would you like to get an insight into our online learning platform Moodle?