MOOC Integrated Digital Marketing

Success in today's business world through marketing is based not only on the size of the digital footprint, but above all on a solid digital marketing strategy.

The course is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized companies to tackle a coherent, integrated digital marketing, despite all resource scarcity. We look at the current issues in digital marketing and give you the knowledge and tools to address them from a strategic and practical perspective.

Based on understanding consumer behavior, key activities, success factors, you can sharpen your business strategy and conduct a digital marketing checkup. For your strategic focus, we consider your business goals to define an online value proposition and to develop the digital approach with the right marketing tactics. You also get the basis knowledge on developing an activity plan and monitoring their results.

As a graduate of the course, you will get a holistic view of what digital marketing means, so you can use it in all areas of your business life.

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Key Information

Degree: Certificate of Achievement in Integrated Digital Marketing

Start: September 30, 2022


What you will learn

Our goal is to help you successfully implement your digital marketing activities for your business and immediately apply what you learn in this course. Using your current workplace challenges you will benefit from expert insights, best practice examples, approaches of other companies and discussions with fellow learners. You learn:

  • What Integrated Digital Marketing is and why it is so important these days.
  • How to evaluate the digital marketing capabilities of your company.
  • How to conduct a simple competitive web analysis.
  • How to choose the most effective digital marketing tool mix.
  • How to create a robust Integrated Digital Marketing Plan and
  • How to outline an action plan for implementing and monitoring your digital marketing strategy.
  • Prerequisites: You should have basic knowledge in marketing and be interested in a digital approach
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Length: 8 Weeks
  • Course Fee Official/Verified: Free of charge
  • Course Language: English
  • Enrollment Start Date: Sep 30, 2022
  • Enrollment End Date: Nov 27, 2022