Sport and study

If you are a top athlete and want to study at the same time, you have very special requirements. Competitions, training, friends, family: everything has to be coordinated somehow. At the FFHS we are aware of this challenge and specifically tailor our studies to the requirements of athletes by means of blended learning.

Advantages for athletes

The FFHS is the ideal place for professional athletes to study for the following reasons:

  • 80% online study gives you above-average flexibility to coordinate your studies with training and competitions.
  • 20% attendance (on average every 2nd Saturday) and the learning platform offer plenty of opportunity for social exchange.
  • In addition to Saturday classes, the FFHS also offers Monday classes (Monday evening) in some degree programmes. This leaves the weekend free for training and competitions.
  • Since fall 2020, the Monday class for the Business Administration degree programme has been available as a virtual class! All exams are taken remotely!
  • For those interested without a BMS, the preparatory course for the entrance examination in the Monday class can also be completed virtually!
  • Depending on the seasonal competition and training intensity, you can spread your modules over several semesters, pause or extend your studies.
  • Fixed dates (exams etc.) can be postponed in consultation with the course administration if an important competition is currently scheduled.

Frequently asked sports questions

There are currently around 70 top athletes studying at the FFHS from a wide range of sports (ice hockey, football, curling, snowboarding, etc.). Thanks to the flexible study model, studying at the FFHS is inherently suitable for top athletes. With classes on Mondays or online/hybrid, students get even more flexibility for the competition weekend.

Yes, all degree programmes at the FFHS are offered part-time.

The study programmes at the FFHS are not called FLEX, but they exceed the FLEX standard. They allow up to 80 percent of students to work while studying.

You study independently 80 per cent of the time, 20 per cent you learn in face-to-face classes. However, you will not be left alone during your self-study, but will receive sufficient guidance and structure on the learning platform and from your lecturers so that you do not lose your goal on the way.

Classes are held on average twice a month on a Saturday. Some degree programmes offer Monday sessions (every Monday evening) or also on other weekdays (master programmes). The Monday classes are popular with many athletes as it gives them the weekend completely free for competitions and training sessions.

Yes, but a confirmation of competition from the relevant sports federation must be provided.

Yes. If you are unable to invest as much time in your studies in one semester, depending on your personal seasonal or competition schedule, it is possible to complete (all or individual) modules in another semester.

Yes, the FFHS offers you the Model F. Adaptations to the requirements of the students can be made within the framework of the applicable regulations.

The FFHS relies on Moodle as an interactive learning platform (not only as a file repository), combining pure online learning with webinars, learning videos and hybrid formats. With the Institute for Distance and eLearning Research (IFeL) and its competence centre, it ensures that students always benefit from the latest methods and technologies on the e-learning market.