Christof Imhof

Researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Research in Open, Distance and eLearning (IFeL)

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Christof Imhof has been employed at the Institute for Research in Open, Distance and e-Learning (IFeL) since 2016 and is currently a doctoral student at the University of Bern. Prior to this, he studied psychology, also at the University of Bern. His research focus is primarily on procrastination and other types of dilatory behaviour in the context of adaptive learning, which also serves as the topic of his doctoral thesis. He investigates in several projects how students’ dilatory tendencies can be detected early on and how they can be mitigated in an adaptive manner with the aid of machine-learning algorithms. Other research interests include the detection of emotions with objective measures, such as eye-tracking combined with emotional word lists. At the FFHS, he teaches two modules in the field of human-computer interaction.

Research focus: procrastination, adaptive learning, emotions in reading and learning, eye tracking.