MOOCs for better online learning start again

Since autumn 2021, the Institute for Research in Open, Distance and eLearning (IFeL) has offered two MOOCs for better online learning. The two online courses are accessible free of charge and will start again at the end of October 2023.

First MOOC «The Basics of Adaptive Learning»

At the end of October 2023, IFeL will launch for a third time the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the basics of adaptive learning. The five-week course is aimed at teachers, learning designers, project managers and researchers. In the first two years, 92 participants started the MOOC, 49 people successfully completed the course received a certificate of completion. The MOOC explains the mechanisms and components of adaptive learning systems as well as the didactic aspects of adaptive instructional design. Data-related topics such as learning analysis and learning measurement are also part of the course.

"For both the learners and the course team, the two runs of the MOOC so far have been an enlightening experience," says Tansu Pancar, research assistant and course developer at IFeL. "There was a lot of constructive feedback and suggestions from participants to improve the course and provide a better learning experience for future participants." This feedback formed the basis for updating the MOOC and running it for the third time from 30 October 2023.

Basics of Adaptive Learning

Course duration: 30 October 2023 - 3 December 2023

Course content:

Week 1: Introduction to personalised and adaptive learning
Week 2: Adaptive learning systems
Week 3: Learning Analytics
Week 4: Didactic aspects of adaptive Instructional Designs
Week 5: Future developments and other considerations

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MOOC «Learning Analytics for Teachers»

Learning analytics methods can provide teachers with additional insights into the nature of their students' learning (e.g. strengths or weaknesses). Experience with previously developed systems has shown that teachers have been able to apply these insights to improve the performance and learning experiences of their students. The aim of this MOOC is to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to use learning analytics methods to optimise the learning of current or future groups of learners and how to review their own teaching practice to do so. Course participants are also introduced to basic analysis methods, ethics and data protection standards. In the first delivery, 63 participants started the MOOC and 33 people successfully completed the course with a certificate. The MOOC will be held for the second time on 6 November 2023.


Learning Analytics for Teachers

Course duration: 6 November 2023 - 10 December 2023

Course content:

Week 1: Introduction to Learning Analytics
Week 2: Data and Ethics
Week 3: Basic Methods
Week 4: Frameworks and Evaluation
Week 5: Advanced Methods and the Future in Learning Analytics

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